Pressing Forward

As I have reflected on the story of Alma and Amulek, it is interesting to see the parallels to our time. Alma and Amulek were following the spirit, preaching the gospel, keeping the commandments and still they ended up in a prison, naked and starving. Today sometimes it feels like, even when we are doing what we are supposed to, we still have trials. Things don’t work out the way we want, and we feel alone. This can be discouraging! We want things to go smooth when we are doing our part. Unfortunately this isn’t how it works.

I loved when the Prophet, in preparation for conference, met with primary children in the house of Joseph Smith and let them ask whatever questions they wanted. The first question asked was “Is it hard to be a Prophet?” and without missing a beat President Nelson answered, “Of course it’s hard.”  This made me laugh and then it made me think that if it’s hard for the prophet and he is doing everything he can, why should my life be any different. The Prophet continues his answer explaining “Everything we do with becoming more like the Savior is difficult… the Lord loves effort, because effort brings rewards that can’t come without it.” This life isn’t meant to be easy! It’s meant to push and stretch us so we can grow. As we endure the trails we receive special blessings that are reserved to the faithful followers of Christ. 

 Just as Alma and Amulek had to go through the trials in prison, so they could be tested and proven worthy of the Lord, we must do our part in pressing forward. It’s going to be hard and at times we are going to feel lonely, but as we are doing our part we can find peace in Christ. Once we have passed the trial with faith, we can expect a great deliverance from our suffering just as Alma and Amulek walking out of the fallen prison.

We love you Brothers and Sisters and are always praying for you!

Love Bishopric

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