Relief Society

February Birthdays and Announcements

Happy February, everyone! Please take note of this month’s birthdays and announcements.

Feb 2- Susan Baldwin
Feb 3- Elli Cole
Feb 4- Lacie Howell & Delma Torres
Feb 5- Ginger Ankeid
Feb 6- Shanda Zachman
Feb 7- Lori Blinderman
Feb 9- Aubry Mears & Charity Tyler
Feb 10- Melinda Coffman & Jane Youngblood
Feb 11- Morgen Newill
Feb 13- Ramona Nihipali
Feb 15- Lisa Pasquarello
Feb 16- Cosette Holmes
Feb 17- Lynne Carliss
Feb 20- Shannon Penland & Debra Woody
Feb 22- Rachel Stay
Feb 24- Kristen Ballentine
Feb 26- Stehpanie Dilts
Feb 27- Janice Bowman

Our next Relief Society lesson will be on February 12th, and is covering the talk “Jesus is the Strength of the Youth” by Dieter F. Uchtdorf.

Inklings: We will be doing Inklings next Tuesday (Feb 14, 11am) in the Relief Society room. The talks/ scriptures associated with this discussion will be written on the chalkboard at the beginning of class this Sunday.

Our Relief Society is in charge of hosting a missionary luncheon this month. We will be sending around a sign-up where you can volunteer to bring a pasta dish, garlic bread, or a dessert. The luncheon is at 12pm on February 28th.

We know a lot of sickness is going around, and this time of year tends to drag on… we are right there with you, and if you need anything, please reach out to a member of the Presidency to let us know. Thanks!

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