Relief Society

December Birthdays and Announcements

Please take a look at this month’s birthdays (and double check to see if your ministering sister(s) is/ are on this list!).
Dec 1- Lee Lowe
Dec 3- Catherine Hipps & Tracy Wall
Dec 5- Betty Oliver
Dec 6- Cynthia Derchak & Holly Stone
Dec 8- Maria Rocha Armenta & Wanda Workman
Dec 9- Shannon Perry
Dec 11- Patricia Coffey & Kathryn Metcalf
Dec 14- Laura Bowen
Dec 17- Lisa Boblett & Carmen Spencer
Dec 18- Sandra Arthur & Erika Sujo
Dec 20- Juliana Barber
Dec 22- Jena Wright
Dec 23- Janice Garcia
Dec 26- Angela Rogers
Dec 29- Brittany Wike
Dec 31- Jackie Meijome

Our Inklings Group meetings have been going super well so far. We hope to continue to have a great turnout. If you plan on attending our next meeting (Dec 13th, 11am, the Relief Society room), consider listening to the ‘Inklings Institute’ podcast (with Emily Belle Freeman) and/or reading the following talks: “Be Perfected in Him” (Johnson) and “Personal Revelation” (Renlund). And remember, if you have little ones, the nursery room will be open for them to play in!

Finally, please start preparing for our NEXT Relief Society Lesson (Dec 11th), which will be covering the talk “That They Might Know Thee” (Jonathan Schmitt). Thanks!

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