Relief Society

March Birthdays and Announcements

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope your week is off to a good start. See below, our birthdays for this month, as well as some announcements. Thanks!

Mar 2- Tammy Lou Martin
Mar 4- Destiny Arcane
Mar 5- Kristen Curriden
Mar 9- Sam Egbert & Rachael Pearce
Mar 10- Amanda Alexander
Mar 12- Crystal Hildenbrandt
Mar 13- Tania Cobas & Christina Hazelman
Mar 14- Katelyne Argueta-Martinez & Randi Van Oostendorp
Mar 16- Nancy Berry
Mar 19- Autumn Moore
Mar 23- Lois McCombs
Mar 24- Martha Garvin
Mar 27- Marcia Bennett
Mar 28- Erin Jones
Mar 29- Kimberly Garner & Princess Lapay
Mar 30- Lisa Reese
Mar 31- Jennifer Hartzog & Carmin Olivares Rocha

Inklings will be this Tuesday from 11am-12pm. The group will discuss “That They Might Know Thee” (Elder Schmitt) and “Are You Still Willing” (Elder Pearson). The nursery will be open for kids to play with adult supervision by some volunteers.

On Thursday, March 23rd, we will be holding our first Recipe Club Exchange. The exchange will take place from 11am-12pm at the church. The theme for this first meeting will be: Favorite Conference Treats/ Dishes. Please bring a dish that suits the theme, as well as 25 copies of the recipe. Our activities committee will be providing paper goods, we just ask that you bring any serving utensils required for your dish. Little ones are welcome to come along. *If* you would also like to come prepared to share any favorite Conference activities/ traditions with the groups, that would be awesome!

One final note- we are going to start using the sisters-only private Facebook page more often. Announcements will still come via email, but Facebook makes it a little easier to ask questions/ interact. The link for that page is:

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