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Sister Spotlight – Taunya Dow

Taunya Dow

Fun Facts about Taunya!

  • She loves to make crafts
  • She has two cats named Lily and Tuesday and they like to play fetch
  • She joined The Church in 2009
  • She loves children
  • She loves to be with her friends

Feeding Homeless Women

Our Relief Society has been invited to participate in feeding homeless women in our community this Saturday, June 20th. We will be making 65 sandwich meals and packaging them in brown bags to be dropped off. We need 4-5 more sisters who would be willing to make 10-12 sandwiches. If you are interested and able, please reach out to a member of the Relief Society presidency. Thank you in advance!

Missionary Meal Calendar

We will be getting another set of sister missionaries this Wednesday–with 4 total sister missionaries in the Asheville Ward. Their updated guidelines are that they can eat with you if it is outside, otherwise food can still be brought to them. The two companionships will be living at different apartment complexes, so we will need some extra help feeding both sets of missionaries. If you are able and feel comfortable, please contact Amy Eliason to schedule a day to feed one companionship or the other (or both). Thank you for your response last time, your service is much appreciated!





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