Young Women

Conversion Takes Effort

Since we can’t all be together today, I wanted to share a few thoughts that I had on this week’s Come Follow Me Lesson for Young Women.

This week’s lesson is based on the account of Alma the Younger in Mosiah 25-28. In these chapters, Alma the Younger had been living a very wicked life. He was working against God, but made a drastic change to follow God and the Savior. He turned from his wicked ways and put all of his effort into serving others and the Lord. His “dramatic change of heart happened in a matter of days and then continued throughout his life”.

Usually becoming more converted isn’t the effect of having a big, dramatic experience like Alma the Younger. Instead, conversion typically takes place over time as we intentionally choose to make good choices and build righteous habits every single day. Conversion includes changing our behaviors, our desires, and our attitude. It’s spending more of our day focusing on the Savior and things that are truly worthwhile.

Conversion is a lifelong process. Becoming a true disciple of Christ and someone who is truly converted takes effort. It takes setting goals and waking up each morning with a desire to learn, grow, and serve. It takes work.

Throughout my life I have had many great examples, but every time I’ve moved somewhere new I’ve noticed myself admiring women with a lot of the same characteristics. These women that I admire are intentional. They are kind. They are loving. They have a deep knowledge of the scriptures. They serve others without complaining. They are wonderful mothers and friends. They are faithful in their callings. They only say kind things about others. They are intelligent. And most importantly, they work hard each do to do what’s right.

Take a minute to get out a piece of paper or start a new note on your phone. Make a list of people you admire that you believe are fully converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Think about what characteristics they share. What choices do they make? How do they treat others? How do they talk about others? How do they spend their time? How often do you think they read the scriptures or say their prayers?

I challenge you to think about what you can learn from the examples of righteous men and women that you admire. Take a minute to write down two or three things that you are going to do this week to try and focus more on the Lord and become more converted to the gospel. A few examples of things you could work on could include:

  • Starting your day off strong by getting dressed and studying the scriptures soon after you wake up. One trick that I’ve learned is that if I get dressed, pray, and study my scriptures at a desk with something to take notes on, I tend to get a lot more out of my scripture study.
  • Taking a few minutes in your day to text or call someone that you care about.
  • Saving a screenshot of the new YW theme on your lock screen and trying to memorize it throughout the week as you go to use your phone.
  • Helping more around the house without being asked.
  • Praying in the morning to ask Heavenly Father what he wants you to do with your time and then acting on the promptings you receive throughout the day.

“Whether you are diligently moving along the covenant path, have slipped or stepped from the covenant path, or can’t even see the path from where you are now, I plead with you to repent. Experience the strengthening power of daily repentance – of doing and being a little better each day.”

Russell M. Nelson

I promise you that as you put effort into doing the very best things, you will feel happier and more fulfilled. The Lord recognizes your efforts whether big or small. He loves you and will always help you.

Sister Calton

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