Relief Society

2021 Relief Society History, Birthdays & Announcements

Hello Sisters! Our 2021 relief society history is attached here for you to read if you would like. A couple quick announcements… We are hosting a missionary luncheon on Tuesday, February 15th (a week from today). If anyone is interested in helping with desserts or serving, please contact Vangie Norton. Our lesson this Sunday will be taught Laura Perry. She’ll be covering the talk, “The Savior’s Abiding Compassion,” by Elder Soares.

Birthdays – We always want to recognize birthdays, and apologize for the delay in acknowledging some of the birthdays on this list. Make sure to look the list over to see if any of your ministering sisters are celebrating a birthday this month!

Jan 24- Lexy Gunnell & Judith Taylor
Jan 25- Beverly Phelps
Jan 30- April Lanciki
Feb 2- Susan Baldwin
Feb 3- Elli Cole
Feb 4- Lacie Howell & Delma Torres
Feb 5- Ginger Ankeid & Amy Eliason
Feb 6- Shanda Zachman
Feb 7- Lori Blinderman
Feb 9- Charity Tyler
Feb 10- Melinda Coffman, Rachel Dailey & Jane Youngblood
Feb 11- Elise Murphy & Morgen Newill
Feb 15- Lisa Pasquarello
Feb 16- Cosette Holmes
Feb 20- Shannon Penland & Debra Woody
Feb 22- Rachel Stay
Feb 26- Stephanie Dilts
Feb 27- Janice Bowman


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