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A New Normal – Conference Talk Study Guide

Thank you to MacKenzie Ostler for creating this study guide from a talk from Pres. Nelson this last general conference. We hope it enhances your study of the topic!

A New Normal

President Russell M. Nelson

What a beautiful message from our prophet. He has so much optimism for the future and it gives me so much hope.  “I have wondered what I might say to conclude this conference that would send you forth with the optimism about the future that I know the Lord wants you to feel.” The Lord doesn’t want us to be discouraged. There is good to see and great optimism to be felt, if we do what the Prophet says.

He begins by expressing his concern for us all.  “I have asked the Lord to help me understand what you are feeling, worrying about, or trying to resolve.”

“We live in a glorious age, foreseen by prophets for centuries. This is the dispensation when no spiritual blessing will be withheld from the righteous.” We can look forward to the future “with joyous anticipation.” And, “The Lord Jesus Christ directs the affairs of His Church, and it will achieve its divine objectives.” We don’t have anything to worry about, when we choose to rely on Him.

He outlines are challenge: “to make certain that each of us will achieve {our} divine potential.”  In order for us to do so, we need to embrace our “new normal”. And then he outlines what our new normal should be.

“I invite you to turn your heart, mind, and soul increasingly to our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. Let that be your new normal.”

Here are our action steps to embrace our new normal:

1: Repent daily

2: Seek to be increasingly pure in thought, word, and deed

3: Minister to others

4: Keep an eternal perspective

5: Magnify your calling

6: Live each day so you are more prepared to meet your Maker

In this list, what can you do better? Which one area could be improved upon? 

With “Light the World”, we have a great opportunity to step outside ourselves and to help others in ways that will help us be more prepared to meet our Maker. 

Another thing he points out is the need for temples where we can partake of ordinances and make covenants to prepare us for eternal life. Although COVID has made it hard/impossible to be inside the temple, what have you done/what can you do, to make, keep, and remember the ordinances and covenants made in the temple? Can we create a space in our home that resembles the feelings in the temple? Can we treat our family members better to invite the Spirit more fully into our lives? 

Try to make a goal today to work on one specific action step and how to create a “temple-like” feeling in your home during this week. These actions may bring a special feeling of joy and peace, leading up to Christmas week, and hopefully can push feelings of anxiety and chaos away. 

I know as we follow the Prophet and do these things, we can embrace the new normal that has been put upon us in these times, and that new normal can be wonderful. 

He leaves a beautiful blessing upon us, “Now, my dear brothers and sisters, I bless you to be filled with the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ. His peace is beyond all mortal understanding.6 I bless you with an increased desire and ability to obey the laws of God. I promise that as you do, you will be showered with blessings, including greater courage, increased personal revelation, sweeter harmony in your homes, and joy even amid uncertainty. May we go forward together to fulfill our divine mandate—that of preparing ourselves and the world for the Second Coming of the Lord.”

I hope you enjoyed this short read as much as I did. It is beautiful, with many blessings of our obedience attached.

Merry Christmas, sisters.  Much love to you all.
MacKenzie Ostler

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