Relief Society

October RS Newsletter

Sister Spotlight – Amaron Lane

Amaron has been in the ward for many years. She currently serves as the nursery leader; we are so grateful for her! Here are 5 fun facts to get to know her:

1. She was born and raised in Asheville, NC. She loved it too much to leave.
2. She graduated from Montreat College in business management.
3. She homeschools her two awesome kids, Jaret (7) and Sawyer (16).
4. She loves to have a house of order and working on the family compound inside and out.
5. Organizing, reading, chocolate, and caramel are a few of her favorite things.

RS Presidency Message

My sweet niece Brianna, who some of you might remember when she lived with us last year, had such a sweet experience on her mission. When I read her email I knew I wanted to share it with the Relief society for my spiritual thought this month.

“When I first got my reassignment to Nebraska, I felt like I was “breaking up” with my call to Scotland and Ireland. I had a hard time being completely faithful while it felt like everything about my mission was falling apart. I spent a long time trying to convince myself that I didn’t even want to go to my original call in order to protect myself from feeling as disappointed. I just threw my heart into Nebraska and told myself that that was where I would spend my whole mission and I accepted it. I was so focused on trying to have faith in my reassignment that I tried pushing the idea of Scotland and Ireland out of my mind entirely. But after a while of thinking that way, the Holy Ghost told me that I needed to change and soften my heart. We’ve been taught in the scriptures that miracles are wrought by faith. I had the clearest thought in my mind that if I wanted to see the miracles of serving in Scotland and Ireland that it had to start with me having faith that it was still possible. So from that point on I decided to have faith in both my reassignment AND in Gods ability to still send me to Scotland and Ireland. I began praying that I would have the opportunity to serve this mission there, all while still trusting in whatever God’s plan really was. It wasn’t until I completely gave my will to Heavenly Father that I started seeing the blessings that had been awaiting me all along. Yesterday in church a heard a quote that I LOVED. Neil L. Anderson said, “The surrender of our will to God’s will is in fact not surrender at all, but the beginning of a glorious victory”. If I’ve learned anything from my mission, it’s that!!!  This week, I found out that I AM GOING TO IRELAND!!!!! Tuesday morning bright and early we got a call from the Mission President saying that he was in contact with my Mission President from the Scotland/Ireland Mission and they were arranging my travel plans!! I was so surprised and excited! (The crazy thing is that I had a dream about getting my flight information the night before!) It felt like I was opening up my mission call all over again. I’m so excited and so grateful for the lessons I’ve learned through this whole experience. I know that Heavenly Father is mindful of us and knows the things we are going through. “

Aren’t missionaries amazing. I love the faith that Brianna demonstrates through this trail. Completely surrendering herself to Gods will. Her faith is such a testimony builder for me.

The last few weeks I’ve been really trying to focus on the good that has come from my own personal trials. It’s amazing how changing my focus and focusing on the blessings and letting go of my own plan and accepting Gods plan for me changes my outlook on those trails. Im grateful for the chance to learn and grow through my own trails. I know God is aware of each of us. He loves me, he loves you. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Jenna Gunnell, RS Presidency Counselor

RS Lesson Calendar for October

October 3 – General Women’s Session broadcast at 8pm ET. It can be viewed directly from and is for all women and young women ages 11 and older.

October 8 – Live virtual lesson led by Laura Perry at 7pm. This is a Thursday night and is our rescheduled lesson from Sister Cordon’s talk, That They May See. A link will be sent to your email to join. We hope you can make it!

October 11 – A study guide to accompany your study of Sister Bingham’s talk, United in Accomplishing God’s Work will be posted here on the website.

October 25 – A live virtual lesson led by Laura Perry on talk, A Good Foundation Against the Time to Come, from Elder Gary Stevenson. A link will be sent out as we get closer to the date.

Missionary Meal Calendar – Dates in October-November Now Available

There is now an online calendar created to sign up and feed our wonderful sister missionaries from October thru December. CLICK HERE to sign up to feed our amazing sisters!

Also, if you are available and interested, the sisters are always looking for people to do team-ups with. Please reach out to them and let them know if you can help.

Online Prayer Roll Submissions

The Church has recently provided us with the opportunity to submit names for the temple prayer rolls online. CLICK HERE to add a name to the prayer roll at the Columbia, SC temple.

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