Relief Society

RS September Newsletter

Sister Spotlight – Erin Jones

We are excited to welcome Erin Jones and her family to our ward! Here are 5 fun facts about her to help you to get to know her a littler bit.

1. She has lived in the US, Australia, and Canada
2. She has a twin sister
3. She loves baking cakes
4. She enjoys writing her own piano songs
5. She likes running

RS Activity

We are excited to announce our upcoming RS activity. Our wonderful RS activity committee is putting together an evening where we can come together to safely socialize and connect with each other in the church parking lot. Remember to put September 17th @ 7pm in your calendar for our Ice Cream Social!

RS Presidency Message

Write an inspirational message for the sisters for September, was Kathryn’s request. I feel so unprepared for such an assignment.  You my sisters are who I look to to find hope in a hopeless situation. To find courage when everything looks so daunting.  To find an abundance of love one for another.     

The world may be a pretty bleak place right now.  Seems like this disease is going to go on forever.  So as the song asks, “where can I turn for peace, where is my solace,” I find what helps make me whole is by looking at my sisters in Christ.  I see their compassion, their trust that all will be well and unending hope and faith.     

I am amazed at the knowledge and common sense that you all possess.  If you find yourself in need of more, I hope you know that the Lord is waiting to help you find your answers.  All you need to do is pray humbly with real intent and determination and you will not be denied.  “The Lord in his unbounded kindness anxiously seeks to shower these spiritual gifts upon us.” (The Infinite Atonement, Tad R. Callister, p.274)   
In case you wonder what some of these gifts are here is a short list.  Faith, Charity, wisdom, healing, power to work mighty miracles, speak in tongues, patience, humility, integrity, kindness, unselfishness, listening, caring for others, compassion, music, non contentiousness, gift of being able to ponder.  If you can’t find what you need here it is not because it doesn’t exist, it is because I didn’t think or know of it, but the Lord does and nothing is impossible with the Lord.

Mary Lou Davies, RS Presidency

September RS Lesson Schedule

September 13 — “A Perfect Brightness of Hope,” Jeffery R. Holland. Sunday Morning Session, April General Conference 2020. A study guide will be posted here on the website created by MacKenzie Ostler.

September 27 — “That They May See,” Bonnie H. Cordon. Sunday Morning Session, April General Conference 2020. A link will be sent for a live call at 1 pm. Our lesson will be directed by Laura Perry-Hipps.

Upcoming Event – Stake Women’s Conference

Our Stake Women’s Conference is almost here!! It is scheduled for September 19th @ 10am and will be held virtually. A link will be sent out to join.

The deadline for our service project is Friday, September 18, the day prior to our virtual Women’s conference. Please bring your donations to the church building by that date. Our wonderful YW decorated a donation box in the RS room. The building is open for a few hours on Sundays if you would like to drop it off then. If you cannot make it on a Sunday, let a member of the RS presidency know so we can help open the door for you to bring your donations. See the below flyer for what is being collected.

Here is the address of the organization for anyone that would like to purchase their donated item online and have it mailed directly to the organization:

Abiding Hope, Inc105 Chestnut Street
Mars Hill NC 28754

If you choose to mail your donation, please indicate that the donation is from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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