Young Women

Upcoming activities for Young Women

Hello Young Women and parents!

With COVID-19 still breaking up continuity with the Young Women, we wanted to keep this page updated with all of the new information for the girls 😊

We are so excited to have 4 new Young Women move in the ward since we have not been meeting. Joy Garvin, Aliya Massengale, Ivy and Jameson Spilman. We are super excited to have our YW grow and to get to know these girls!

On a stake level, the Stake tubing trip has been canceled this year. The Barn Dance is now an activity and that has been moved to September 26.

Upcoming Wednesday night activities: (activities will be held outside due to COVID-19. Locations may change but we will update via text as soon as we know)

August 5 at 7 pm- “150” notecards to the Elderly

August 9 at 7 pm- Stake Fireside via Zoom

August 12 at 7 pm- Bath Bombs at Lake Julian

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