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RS Presidency Message

I had a sweet experience last Sunday, as I got to take the sacrament at my sisters house. As my nephew was blessing and passing the sacrament,  I was silently praying to be forgiven of my sins. I was praying to help me be better; a better mom, a better wife, a better person. Especially a better mom. Ever since the Coronavirus started I’ve felt a lot of mom guilt. I’ve had a lot of guilt that I’m not doing enough for my kids. It’s hard to be their school teacher, lunch lady, PE teacher, music teacher… the list goes on and on. My sweet Paige, who is four, asked me what I was doing
as I was praying. I told her that I was praying to be forgiven of my sins. I told her that I was praying to be a better mommy.

Right then it hit me. I was teaching her a very important lesson and learning a lesson myself.  Suddenly, my mom guilt went away. I was teaching my little girl about the atonement. Heavenly Father doesn’t expect me to be a perfect mom but to do my best, repent and try my best again. I’m not the best mom out there. I’m not the best person out there, but I’m trying. Jesus Christ made it possible for me to repent and to try again. That Sunday I felt especially grateful for the priesthood blessing in my life, as I was able to partake the sacrament, repent, and have this sweet experience. I’m grateful for the atonement. I’m grateful for an all loving Father in Heaven, who trusts us as women to nurture, love and to teach, whether it’s to our family, neighbors, co workers, friends etc…even though we might fall short. It’s not an easy job to do but I’m grateful for the ability to try. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Jenna Gunnell, RS Presidency Counselor

Missionary Facebook Page – Like and Follow

The missionaries of our stake created a Facebook Page entitled, Representatives of Jesus Christ in Western North Carolina. The Missionary Department is inviting members of our ward and stake who have Facebook accounts to go to this group page and “like it.” By doing so, your Facebook friends will be informed of this group, which will then drive traffic to the missionaries’ Facebook group. This will enhance the probability of your friends interacting with our full-time missionaries through social media. If you are able to “follow” the group as well, that would be ideal; this will help drive the people in your friend network to the group as well. Thanks for helping the missionary work in this area in this small way!

Virtual Women’s Conference

Our Stake Women’s Conference is scheduled for Saturday Sept 19th @ 10am. It will still be held virtually via zoom. More information to come. For the service project see what they are collecting below for Abiding Hope.

Abiding Hope

Tri-County Pregnancy Center (Burnsville)

This is a 501©3 organization and are dependent on the generosity of the community to provide their services cost-free. They are non-profit resource centers for families in local counties who are facing difficult pregnancies.

They can help to connect parents with local resources such as:

·         Prenatal Medicaid

·         Community resources – Child care assistance, Pregnancy Care Management

·         Ob/Gyn Physicians

·         Childbirth and Infant care classes

·         Adoption guidance

“Our Mamas are very thankful for New or Gently Used Baby/Maternity Items…”

·         Diapers & Wipes

·         New & gently used baby clothes (up to 2T)

·         New baby bottles and pacifiers

·         Cribs sheets, and blankets

·         New hygiene items (baby shampoo, bubble bath, lotion, etc.)

·         New & gently used Maternity clothes

For safety & health reasons, they do NOT accept the following:

Used baby bottles                  Used car seats                     Cribs

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