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Sister Spotlight

Nikki Roland (second from the left) and her family joined our ward last fall. We are so glad to have her with us! Here are 5 fun facts about her!

1) I am a teacher at Reynolds High School
2) I also am a full time student working on my Masters in Special Education
3) I LOVE to cook, however my favorite past time is actualIy NAPPING… I love sleep (although I get very little)
4) I really love taking care of other people. I have a weird need to be needed.
5) I grew up in Asheville and enjoy the mountains, but I would much rather live near the beach 

RS Presidency Message

Hi everyone! We in your Relief Society Presidency, hear your plea for more contact, social activities, and more commitment and holiness in your lives.  Today, I hope to give you hope and a mission in your lives.  We know how you are feeling because we are right there with you.  Wishing we were meeting at the chapel where we feel God’s presence every week. Where we sing praises to His name.  Where we are taught the way we should share the gospel and hold it safe in our hearts.

I have been thinking of something I could share with you that will lead you forward in living the best life you can at this time. First, add that music into your life that you hear in church on Sundays, make it an everyday thing.  Thru YouTube, or some other place where you listen and sing along to gospel music (hymns, etc.).  It will make you feel whole and give you hope. It calms children as they learn the words too.

Second, find yourself a project (hopefully something that benefits others). Immerse yourself in compassionate service.  Whether it is requested by the Relief Society or the whisperings of the Spirit. I myself am starting to collect things for the Fall Women’s Conference (the Abiding Hope Pregnancy Center in Burnsville).  By doing this I’ll feel good, the Spirit will be with me as I strive to help, and I will not be alone. Start a group and work together on a single project. Collect and organize.

Third, step out of your comfort zone.  The easiest way to do this in this time of scarce resources is to pay our tithing.  This is no small thing I am asking of you, but you are in the habit of giving.  When we discontinue or change our habits we feel lost or alone.  This is not necessary as by continuing to give your tithing you give others hope that soon they will have a meeting house or a temple to meet in and have the Spirit with them in a house dedicated for that purpose. We all can move along our path back to Christ and keep one of the commandments of God.  After all, all we have is a gift from God so why not give one-tenth of it back that others may prosper and have the many blessings we receive when we obey?  Even when it seems impossible. Thank you for being such great women who love one another and help one another no matter where you are in this world.  God bless you.

– Mary Lou Davies, RS Presidency Counselor

Missionary Corner

If you haven’t yet met our sister missionaries, you are in for a treat. Sister Argyle (in green) and Sister Ogden (in red) are wonderful! As many of you know they have been asked to do all their work virtually from their apartment. Many of you have offered to bring food to them–thank you! They truly appreciate your generosity.

They would love to meet the members of our ward and have virtual appointments with them. They will be calling ward members to get those appointments setup, but if you are available and interested you can comment below and we will have them call you. Thank you for the support and love you have given them while they have been on the Lord’s errand!

One thought on “Connection Corner

  1. I don’t think my comments are well received on the texting but maybe you can put the word out that anyone with spectrum/charter cable tv can access BYU TV on channel 135….24/7…and the Spoken Word comes on Sundays at 11:30 AM & 5:30 PM.

    On Fri, Apr 3, 2020, 7:18 PM Asheville Ward News wrote:

    > Kathrynnelson posted: ” Sister Spotlight Nikki Roland (second from the > left) and her family joined our ward last fall. We are so glad to have her > with us! Here are 5 fun facts about her!1) I am a teacher at Reynolds High > School2) I also am a full time student working on my M” >


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