Keep It Up!

Brothers and Sisters,

At this time of uncertainty and great stress we wanted to reach out with our love and appreciation for all of you. Many things are still up in the air with how things are going to move forward, but we can stand confident knowing that if we continue to keep the commandments and do what our prophet instructs, we will be ok!

Here is a quote by President Oaks that really drives this point home,  “This is not the end of the world, but merely a test. A trial run for the second coming if you will—physically and spiritually. If you’ve been following the counsel from the prophet about ministering, emergency preparedness, and at-home Church, you have no need to fear, you have passed the test!”

I love this quote! It brings so much comfort to my soul that everything will be ok! It doesn’t say that it will be easy, but it says that as we do our part in ministering and at-home Church we will pass that test. It warms our hearts to see you all rise to the test with ministering and showing true Christlike love to all around you. Even when local governmental leaders have set strict rules about social distancing, our members have been thinking outside the box to make sure people know they are loved and cared for. To this we say, “Keep it up!”

We encourage everyone to seek to be in-tune with the spirit that you may know the needs of the families that you minister to. Reach out as much as you feel the need to, and remember that there is no limit to the love that you can show. The Savior gave the perfect example of giving all for those that he loved.

We are always praying for you and we are ever humbled by your faith and Christlike love.


Asheville Ward Bishopric

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