Relief Society

February RS Newsletter


February 5 – Amy Eliason
February 6 – Shanda Zachman
February 7 – Lori Blinderman
February 10 – Jane Youngblood
February 11- Morgen Newill
February 16 – Cosette Holmes
February 17 – Megan Pugh
February 26 – Stephanie Dilts
February 27 – Janice Bowman

Mark Your Calendars

Raising Resilient Children Class #4 – Kristen Curriden will be teaching the fourth and final class to her Raising Resilient Children series. It will be on Thursday, February 20th @ 7pm.

Adult Session of Stake Conference, February 22 @ 4pm. A dinner and social will follow.

March 7th Temple Trip – I will be taking a group of sisters to the Columbia, SC temple for the 10 am session. If you would like to attend, please let me know. The plan is to meet at the church at 6:45am. We will stop for lunch and return to the church around 4pm. If you would like to go and can help drive, please let me know.

February Lesson Schedule

February 9 – RS discussion led by Megan Pugh on talk, Holiness and the Plan of Happiness from President Eyring.
February 16 – Sunday School, 2 Nephi 1-10.
February 23 – Stake Conference

Return of Elder Treyson Norton

Elder Treyson Norton, son of Jim and Vangie Norton, will be returning home from his mission in Washington DC, on February 29th. Vangie and Jim would love to invite everyone who is able to, to come to the airport to welcome him home. They are expecting his flight to come in around 3:30pm, but will have more specifics when the time is closer.

Treyson will be speaking in Sacrament meeting on March 8th. Immediately following the block of meetings, there will be a meet and greet in the RS room to get acquainted with Treyson. Light refreshments will be served.

Prayers Welcome

We invite ward members to continue to keep the Ballard family in your prayers as they navigate through decisions on cancer treatments for Brother Ballard. Texts and emails are appreciated.

Rusty Scheewe has been in the hospital these past couple of days and has not been doing well. Nancy is grateful for the prayers that have been offered in their behalf. Rusty is not recognizing faces and so visits may not be good at this time, but please keep the family in your prayers.

As always, we invite you to pray for the sisters you minister to. As you do with sincere hearts, we know the Lord will open your mind to how you can serve and love them. We appreciate the good you do!

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