Relief Society

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Who’s doing what?

  • Eric Burgon – Bishopric
  • Megan Stohl – Young Women’s
  • Greg Gibson – Young Men’s
  • Mark Phelps – Elder’s Quorum
  • Kathryn Nelson – Relief Society
  • Kristen Curriden – Primary
  • Matt Calton – Sunday School
  • Garrett Gunnell – Ward Mission


Insert updates into body paragraphs. Utilize your headings to break up the long blocks of text. Use bold (recommended) or italics to point out important stuff. You can even leave direct, inline links, like to! This is a great way of including things directly where people are reading so they don’t forget to follow a link.



Have an image? Press enter, and click the plus-inside-a-circle button to the left of the block. There is an Image icon. Click that and upload the image.

A beautiful lake

Resize it to the size you want it to be. Typically your images will be too big, so I suggest clicking the 50% so that it fills only half the space on the page. You can even caption the image so that people know what it is for.

Featured Image

Featured images are a great way to get attention to a post by showing the viewer something to draw their attention. You don’t want it too big though, otherwise it’ll eat up the space in the category page. Go to Document, just under the Publish button. Click Featured Image, and upload the image you want to use.

Break it All up

Resize Heading

Long lines and blocks of text are hard for some people to read. Use some next-level headings to better showcase what belongs together but are sort of different.

Bring in Some Lists

  • This way people can skim, or you can point out small items that belong to a bigger theme. It’s another way of breaking things up.
  • Lists make it easier for people to read huge blocks!

Give the Eye some Breathing Space

Sounds funny right? But a line break or a space break really help categorize a page too. Like this separator just down here!

Final Things

Before you post, make sure you have everything where it belongs. Go to the Document settings, just underneath the Publish button. Make sure you go to Categories and set your post to where it belongs, otherwise it will become Uncategorized and will disappear, or it might end up in the wrong organization!

All posts should be made Visible and Published Immediately, so you don’t need to worry about those. Tags aren’t necessary either. Currently all posts are sent to anybody who subscribes to the website: there are options to subscribe to a certain feed only but it requires a business plan and they cost too much.


I’m open for any questions you have, and can help make your posts better too. If you post something up and want me to look it over and format it, just let me know. But the more you practice on your own, the better you get at it.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the website!

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