Elder's Quorum

And the second is unto it,…

During all this controversy over race inequality the picture below, stands out that when others know what is the right way to support equality, that there is nothing holding them back from doing what is right. While Racial differences are being highlighted as the issue at hand, I believe the true issue is much deeper. We are all Heavenly Father children and we should treat each other equally. “And the second is like unto it, thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” (Matthew 22:39) This picture magnify’s the above scripture and shows that everyone no matter their race has the capacity to follow this commandment. When I first saw this picture I was touched by the Holy Ghost that this is how everyone should be treated and if we all were able to do what this picture portrays we would not be having the issue we are facing today. 

Please note this picture came for an email I received and the image below had nothing to do with the topic of the email. But this picture was posted at the bottom of the email as it touched the sender. I hope it also touches you the same way it has touched others, and that your will feel the Holy Ghost confirm unto you that this is the way everyone should act with brotherhood and support to each other. 

Written by Mark R. Phelps

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